Fandom Fashion: Film Noir


2013 was the year of Jay Gatsby and Art Deco.
2014 brought us Coven Wear.

Cinema and Pop Culture have a lot to offer in the fashion world. When fans see characters they feel they can connect with, they will try to emulate them. I remember when BBC’s Sherlock first came out, I began wearing dark blue scarves and black pea coats. I also treated everyone like shit, but that’s for another post. The point is, when something is popular in pop culture, a fashion trend is probably going to follow. And It is looking more and more like Film Noir is that trend.

So, break out those statement hats and slather on that red lipsticks, because the era of spies and intrigue is back with a vengeance.

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In the Beginning…

It was a nice day.

Well, it was actually cloudy and rather cold, but the ambiance it gave was nice.

We were at a table at the St. Mark’s Starbucks, sitting between a group of college students and business men discussing the weather. This was the first official blog meeting… and by that I mean Katherine just decided we should start a blog and I sorta went with it.

Loki: I’m fairly sure we didn’t mean to start a blog. We were there to gossip about our friends and get cookies. Then a blog just kind of sort of happened, in the ineffable way that blogs just kind of sort of happen around me.

… So, We created a blog. This blog, to be exact. A Narrative (of sorts) pertaining to certain events in Geekery and Fandom:



Stephanie (A Millenial, and part time rare book reader)
Kate (A Demigod)
Remus (Hellhound, and afraid of Chihuahuas)