Viking Thursday: Lagertha + Braid Tut

If there is one thing we love here at N&A, It’s women who kick royal ass. And, seeing as the History Channel epic is starting tonight, what better way to celebrate this than dedicating Thursdays to the warrior women of Vikings.

To start off Viking Thursdays, we have Lagertha Lothbrook.

– Spoilers for both seasons – 


Based on the Norse legend, Lagertha is a Viking shieldmaiden and (now ex) wife of Ragnar Lothbrok. She is known throughout the land for her fierceness and brutal fighting skills, but is also very maternal and family oriented.


Season one of Vikings introduced us to Lagertha with a beat down of two bandits who broke into her home. It was a perfect way of setting the tone for the rest of her story arc, as it showed the audience her strength in both fighting and judgment. Throughout the show, she is shown as highly intelligent and having good leadership skills, both in her time as the Earl’s wife and later as Earl Ingstad.
Another trait she has is that, to put it bluntly, she takes no shit. When she sees something she believes is completely wrong, she will let the world know… probably with a blaze of hellfire.
When she witnessed one of her fellow warriors attempting to rape a young girl, she put a stop to it. Forcefully.
When that same fellow warrior turned around and attempted to rape her, she put a stop to it. Lethally.
Another example of her “take no shit” nature is with her husbands. In Season two, when Ragnar’s pregnant mistress Aslaug shows up, he makes the offer to take her as his second wife. Lagertha’s reply is to pack her shit and leave, thereby divorcing him.

When her second husband, the drunk and abusive Sigvard, has her beaten to a pulp by his men, he boasts about it during a feast and tries to rip her dress open to humiliate her. She responds by gouging out his eye with a butter knife and taking his place as Earl.



Lagertha of season one is more utilitarian compared to season two. She wore clothes that allowed her to move freely so she could hunt and battle. She wore minimal jewelry and make up, even during her time as Earl Ragnar’s wife.

Season two Lagertha, while still simple compared to her female counterparts, began to embrace the finer traits of being a noble. Her color pallete had changed from shades of gray and brown to vibrant reds and blues, and she began to wear more furs and jewelry.

Of course, we can’t talk about Lagertha’s style without talking about the braids.

Oh my god, those freakin’ braids.

Very rarely would you see Lagertha without intricate braids, some of them looking like they’ve been slept in for days. Not only would the braids be in these detailed patterns, but they would also have little add-ons like beads or chains.


HOW TO: Lagertha Inspired Braids

STEP 1: Section your hair into three equal sections: Top, Middle, Bottom.
STEP 2: Begin dutch braiding the middle the middle section on both sides, then dutch braid the bottom. If you do not know what a dutch braid is, I recommend this video. It is basically a french braid, only you are placing the outside strands UNDER the center strand.

Steps 1 2

STEP 3: After braiding, pin or tie back the bottom section braids to the center.

Steps 3 4

STEP 4: Separate the top section into two equal parts and drop the bottom part. Repeat STEP 3 with the remaining braids.
STEP 5: With the remaining section, twist and push up the hair towards your head, making a “pomp”.

Steps 5 6

And that’s it! You are rocking Lagertha’s Braids!


Option step: make a bun to make it more work wearable.


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