VIKING THURSDAY – Siggy + Lucet Chain DIY

If there is one thing we love here at N&A, It’s women who kick royal ass. And, seeing as the History Channel epic started this month, what better way to celebrate this than dedicating Thursdays to the warrior women of Vikings. Today we will be focusing on my personal fave, Siggy, as well as a viking lucet DIY.

Spoilers for both seasons 


Siggy is the widow of the late Earl Haraldson and lover of Rollo Lothbrook. She is known for her fierce loyalty to those she believes deserves it, as well as her cunning.
During her time with Earl Haraldson, she was loved by all. She acted as the Earl’s wife should, encouraging him in battles and gaining the trust of her people. But beneath all of that is a fierce and calculated mind, one that can manipulate a situation to benefit her and her family.

When her husband lost the battle against Ragnar, she murdered her daughter’s husband (who was loyal to Earl Haraldson) and defected to Ragnar’s side. She then integrated herself into the Lothbrook home, as a slave and then as Rollo Lothbrook’s lover.


In Season two, we see her true intentions in doing this. What at first seemed like a life preserving decision is actually a plan to take back her status as nobility. She “acts” as a double agent for King Horik and gives him insight on how to get rid of Ragnar, though she joins Ragnar’s side again when Horik starts losing ground.

This doesn’t mean she is a villain in this story, not by a long shot. As I said before, she is loyal only to those who deserve it. In her eyes, Ragnar Lothbrook is the real bad guy. She has watched him destroy, not only her life, but his own family. She cares for Ragnar’s family and will do what she can for them, even if it means getting rid of Ragnar.


A Lucet is a type of weaving fork used to create strong and durable chains for hanging items on a belt, threading, and other clothing needs. It can be used with all most of thread and, if you’re a masochist, thin gauge wire.


STEP 1: To start, Thread the tail of your chain from back to front through the hole. If your make shift lucet does not have a hole, that’s fine. It’s not that important, it just keeps the thread in place while you get a flow going.

STEP 2: Wrap your yarn figure-8 style around your “lucet” prongs. Bring the yarn around the front of the right prong to the back. Then, pass the yarn from behind the right prong to the font of the left.

STEP 3: Wrap your thread around the right prong.

Steps 1 3

STEP 4: Now we begin our knots. Bring the bottom right loop up over the top loop. Pull your tail to tighten the knot.

STEP 5: Flip your lucet so that your left prong becomes the right prong. Repeat Steps 3 and 4. This is basically the pattern you will be following for the rest of the chain. Just wrapping, tugging, and pulling. Just remember to hold the tail in place and to pull tightly. I have also found that sometimes the thread gets stuck, what I do to combat this is pull a bit on the left prong loop before tightening the tail. It helps the thread fall in place much smoother.

Steps 4

STEP 6: When your cord is to its desired length, carefully take it off the “lucet.” thread the remaining yard through the two loops and pull tight.

Steps 5 6

And your done! Add a charm and you got yourself a new accessory stronger than Siggy’s resolve!


Tune in next week for the MVP of hated characters: Aslaug.

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