Friday Favorites #1: stuff we found this week that’s pretty great

geek lifestyle friday favorites listOkay, so, for ages back at 3ChicGeeks, I’ve wanted to do a Friday Favorites thing. Partly because we had struggled with having a 3-days-a-week posting schedule that actually, you know, got posted, and partly because I like sharing things I like with people who aren’t necessarily my Facebook friends list, my guild, my alliance, or my favorite subreddit. Plenty of other blogs do it too; I’m especially into how Everyday Is A Holiday does theirs – pretty things that fit their aesthetic and lifestyle. Our aesthetic is divine hipster geek trash and we are here to share things that fit the divine hipster geek trash lifestyle and aesthetic. What things is that? Continue reading, find out, probably regret everything…

snow nyc snow days in nyc lamppostFirst of all. It is March. We should be like, 100% done with all this snow, and yet I took those two photos up there on Thursday morning. We got quite a bunch of it dumped on us, for what feels like the millionth time this year. 😦 I will admit that I get a little excited for the first snow of the season, but I prefer a light dusting that goes away very quickly and makes you feel like you’re a passer-by in a charming little Christmastime coffee shop AU fanfic, you know? But, anyway, even though I’m so tired of all the snow, sometimes I see the prettiest little things, and absolutely HAVE to take a photo. This, being down the street from my office, is one of those pretty things. Doesn’t that lamppost look like something you’d spot when you duck into the wrong wardrobe? Just gorgeous. My OTP need to kiss by it… well, in theory. In practice I had to climb on a pile of snow to take those photos and nearly fell off. :/


This really cute DIY from The Things She Makes passed through my Pinterest dashboard earlier in the week; I’m really looking forward to having an excuse to try it out. I’ve been really into the 3D star crowns, but until now I hadn’t the faintest on how to make the stars themselves. Well, I know what project I’ll be doing this week!

Also, can we talk about this gorgeous photo and DIY? The combination of the frame and the floral letter is just absolutely gorgeous. Like, can you imagine this at your OTP’s wedding because hell yeah I can imagine this at my OTP’s wedding. Well, ok, not Dean/Cas or Steve/Bucky, but maybe definitely 100% Clint and Darcy (probably at Darcy’s prompting; Clint would just like, want some arrows, or something). Unfortunately the site itself is in Spanish and when I’m confronted with something in Spanish I’m usually just like…

matt fraction’s hawkeye series is my lifeblood

But anyway, this DIY, while being written in something Spanish-sounding, is also filled with fantastic photos of fake flowers, letters being cut out of cardboard, and a glue gun. So, you know, probably not that hard. If you don’t have a glue gun use one of your putty arrows. How did I end up making a thousand Hawkeye references at a bloody flower letter? WHO KNOWS.

It’s 7am and I can smell my bae’s socks right now someone please send help

I also watched pretty much the entirety of Elementary in the past week and a half, and let me tell you, it is not what I expected of it, at all, and I’m sorry I ever scoffed at the idea of it (post to come on this in near future). Anyway, million great things aside, I’m in love with Joan’s dresses. She has the most fantastic wardrobe and I want to cry all over it. Here’s a post with a small sampler of her wardrobe’s contents. Please excuse me while I weep because none of it would look good on me because I’m too tall.

Agents of Shield season 2 promo poster from ABC

While we’re here crying about things, this is a reminder that “Agent Carter” has wrapped up its (hopefully first of many) season, and we are back with “Agents of SHIELD”, which of course I didn’t watch yet because OH MY GOD MY BODY IS NOT READY. Don’t want to give you guys any spoilers, but when we left off for the midseason finale there was a MASSIVE development dropped on us, and I cried for three hours and anyway I can’t wait to get back to this world. Anyone want a Skye style post? Me. Me. I am the one who wants a Skye-inspired style post. Want.

I think this about covers it for this week; we’ll be back to cry all over you next week. Want to show us cool stuff? Twitter us. We’re fantastic.

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