Review: Kawaii Nail Lacquer Avengers Polishes

kawaii nail laquer review
As anyone who ended up here from 3 Chic Geeks knows, I entirely too much money and effort into my nails. I follow manicure Insta accounts, have a nails pinboard, and spend my time hunting for the perfect Slytherin green polish. So, when I noticed that Kawaii Nail Lacquers
a. had a line of Avengers nail polishes
b. were having a halloween sale right around the time I got paid
Well. Let’s just say, shopping happened. I’d been meaning to try some of the fandom polishes that nebulously float across Etsy for a while now, and this seemed like a good place to start. In the past, I’ve mainly stuck with store-bought polish, so this was an interesting experiment for me.
I ended up buying three different shades. The first, Aren’t the Stars and Stripes a Little Old-Fashioned, is a Captain America glitter polish in red, white, and blue. I picked it because I recently started RPing as Captain America in my friend Loki’s RP group, and it’s pretty great. The second, Genius Billionaire Playboy Philantropist, is an orange and red glitter polish, with some huge round holo flakes. I picked it because, duh, Iron Man. And, finally, the third shade is You and I Remember Budapest Very Differently, which, obviously, is a Clintasha-inspired black and red sparkly glitter.

My polishes arrived a couple of weeks or so after I ordered them; there was a sweet little Halloween card, which was fab, because I literally received them on Halloween morning. (It’s like Christmas for us gothlings, don’t you know?) My biggest worry was that the bottles would shatter in transit, and I’d end up receiving a smelly, glittery box. Fortunately this didn’t happen as the polishes were packed in these neat little individual bubble wrap baggies. Also, the package smelled really nice, so, like, that’s a thing.
Iron Man nails kawaii nail lacquer review
The first polish I tried was actually the Iron Man inspired one. The majority of the glitter flakes are a warm, sparkly orange, with deep red and holographic silver flakes. I probably wouldn’t have gone with orange for Iron Man, but it works pretty well, even though it is an unorthodox choice. In the photo, I am wearing it over a coat of Revlon polish in Sure Thing. Another one that would be really good with it is Revlon’s Volts, or maybe Maybelline’s Sulphur Blaze, which I think came out as part of the Hunger Games line but I still see in stores often, so it’s probably, like, a permanent thing now, you know?
Clintasha Avengers Kawaii nail lacquer review
The second one I tried was the Clintasha shade, which, I have to say, I was looking forward to the most out of all three. It is black and red, with occasional dark holo flakes. It comes across as mostly Black Widow colors; since reading Matt Fraction’s My Life As A Weapon I’ve found that I associate Hawkeye with the color purple far too much. Finding a good base for it was very hard, because the polish is very dark, but light is just not their theme, you know? In the end, I went with a white shade – same as last photo, Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Sure Thing. (Also in case you were wondering, the Colorstay polishes actually do stay practically forever).
Kawaii Nail Lacquer review - Captain America
Finally, let’s talk about Captain America. I love Cap so much. He’s very unlike myself (as we all know I identify with Loki so much, it’s a little embarrassing). The Cap shade is made up of red, white, and blue sparkles, with larger red and blue flakes and tiny white stars. I really liked those stars, but I thought there could be a little more of them. After a lot of deliberation I paired it with Revlon’s Iconic, a dark grey shade. (As an aside, yes, I really do love Revlon polish.) A white or a navy blue would also look good with this polish.
Figuring out how to use these was a bit hard, because possibly I am an idiot. First two times, I tried to use the Revlon clear topcoat with them, which usually dries extremely quickly. No such luck – whatever is in these polishes does not get along with the Revlon stuff, and in fact makes it melt very quickly. This probably means you shouldn’t do what I did and use Revlon polishes for a base, but YOLO. I was going to complain about how long they took to dry until I couldn’t find my topcoat for the third manicure and decided to go without. Lo and behold, it dried just fine. So, there’s that.
Another thing is that the bigger flakes tend to settle to the bottom, so you’ll end up with more of the smaller ones than the big ones. Do a coat of the polish normally, then wait for it to dry a bit. Stir up the polish, and spill some out onto a newspaper or something. The concentration of sparkles is very high, so all you’ll need is a little bit. Then, pick up the bigger bits that didn’t stick to your nails for whatever reason, and add them wherever you need them with the brush or a toothpick or something like that. That’s a thing I’ve found works for me.
So, overall? I’m kind of totally into these. I mean, they look a bit childish, because you’re going around with big piles of glitter on your nails, but then again, if you’re buying Captain America nail polish, I don’t think you are a person who cares very much about whether you look childish or not (I certainly don’t). If you have the spare money, wait out for a sale (Kawaii Lacquer usually announce them on Instagram) and grab a few bottles.

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