Today we will be learning about the Viking Grumpy Cat known as Þórunn, her boyfriend that’s a walking reddit post, as well as make another viking chain.

This is gonna be a fun one.

– Spoilers under the cut – 


Introduced in the season 2 episode “Unforgiven,” Þórunn was a slave girl that came with Aslaug to Kattegat. While there, she becomes the object of Bjorn’s affections and he becomes the object of her annoyance.

Seriously. She pulls the “I have a boyfriend” card. It was very awkward to watch for all parties involved.

The final straw comes when Bjorn’s offers her his bed to sleep in. Þórunn begins to take off her clothes and when he stops her she practically asks him isn’t this what you’ve been asking me for like all episode?


Turns out not. Since Bjorn is actually a little naive ball of awkward anxiety, when he asked Þórunn to sleep in his bed, he literally meant ‘Sleep in my bed because I love you and you sleep in a barn with barn animals.’

After this, she begins to return his feelings, finding his awkward six-pack endearing. When Aslaug frees her from being a slave, however, she realizes that she has other options beside Bjorn. Options that haven’t been badgering her for months.

Bjorn doesn’t take it well, but Þórunn doesn’t care. She has shit to get done.
Like becoming a shield maiden.


Personality wise, Þórunn is… well, I blame BotFA for this, but the only thing I can think of is Dwalin. She’s a take-no-shit fighter who will punch first and ask questions later, a good match for the rather timid Bjorn. First thing Þórunn as a free woman is learn to fight so she can be like Lagertha, much to Aslaug’s chagrin. She and Lagertha train and when the next raid comes, she is the first in line.


Have I mentioned she takes no shit? When Bjorn tells her that he could have any woman he wanted, she just goes ‘well not this one sorry dumbass’ and walks off. When he begs her to take him back, she tells him that she doesn’t want his love but his respect.

Style-wise, well… It’s Dwalin, she’s Dwalin. She’s a loud mouth, sword wielding, whiny prince dealing, godIamnotoverthisfuckingshit Dwarf.

I mean, look at this


They even dress the same.

Anyway, on to the DIY!

Now this is something known as the Viking Knit. It’s a wire work technique that can be used on its own or to wrap a stone or pendant.

What you’ll need is:
A Pencil
Anything you wish to wrap


Wrap the wire around your finger as many times as you want to make the loops, I went with four.


Pinch the loops you just made and, with any extra wiring you have, wrap around the middle of the loops.


Open each loop out so you have a sort of wire clover thing going on. Then place it loop side down on the head of a pencil (or whatever cylindrical piece you’re using).


Now the fun part. With a new wire, enter two of the loops and wrap around it, connecting them. Do this for every loop.


When you get to the first loop, you are going to repeat that process, wrapping around the newly made loop instead.


And repeat until you get to the length you want. Once you’ve finished, take the wire off the pencil and begin to pull on it.


And that is basically it!

Here are some examples of what you can make with this knit:


You can also use it for wrapping, just replace the pencil with whatever you want wrapped!

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