Friday Favorites #2: stuff we found this week that’s pretty cool

friday faves 2Oh look, it’s Friday again, which means, it’s time for a roundup of things we’ve been really into this week (well past two weeks, I suppose, last week I was just too busy to do a roundup, what with work and all the PVP I was doing in Neverwinter). Today, Steph and I will be bringing you a whole tonne of things we really really really like right now, and hope that some of you are into them too, have an opinion on them, or are planning to try them. Ready? Well… if you’re not you can just pause and prepare yourself before you click the read more button…

Kate: First off, I really want to talk about how much I’m into Lorde lately. Like, I really love her music. I totally wasn’t into “Royals” honestly, when it first came out, but I’ve realized that the most popular songs tend to be meh compared to like, the good stuff. Like, M.I.A? I fucking hate “Paper Planes” because when it came out the radio wouldn’t stop playing it and it just fucking made no sense, and even after about a dozen listens through many years later I’m not into the song even if it makes sense now. Really love “Bad Girls” tho. Anyway, back to Lorde. I think “Yellow Flicker Beat” is my absolute favorite track from her right now, it’s really so catchy.

 “I get paralyzingly nervous a lot of times, so I tried bravado,” Lorde explains, quoting Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” (“Me found bravery in my bravado”). “The way I dress and carry myself, a lot of people find it intimidating. I think my whole career can be boiled down to the one word I always say in meetings: strength.” (source)

These days, I generally try to avoid reading about the personal lives of musicians I like, and that involves reading their interviews, but this quotation really resonates with me, because that’s something I do too. When I was younger, I was extremely timid and shy; I think on some level I still haven’t gotten over that, because I often feel incredibly anxious in social situations, especially with new people. For younger me, dressing in ripped jeans and black, and painting my eyes black and my lips purple, walking with my head held high and a swagger in my steps, that was my armor. I wanted to be like Xena the Warrior Princess, Samantha Carter, or Prue Halliwell – tough, strong, unafraid. These days, though, if I need a shot of confidence I’m far more likely to reach for nice heels and a pretty dress, but the idea stands. And, when I hear Lorde’s music in my ears, I can feel myself standing up just a little bit straighter, you know? There’s something powerful about it, and I think it resonates with a lot of young women besides myself.

Kate: I really adore elaborate, complex manicures that look like artwork, and this particular manicure is just DIVINE. I’m going to try to replicate the design. I’m probably going to fail. And then, I’m going to weep, and retreat into the darkness. But, hey, look at how pretty this is.

Kate: While we’re here and waiting for Easter to happen, check out these lovely eggs. Gold (or metallics, but really, gold is the best) with pastels is totally a thing I love, and these pretty darling eggs really hit me in the eye candy department when they showed up on my Pinterest dashboard earlier! Not that I’ve done Easter things in, oh, years – I think the last time I bothered with doing eggs was when I was still 8 or 9, living in Russia with my grandparents. After I moved to America, and living with my parents, well, they weren’t really the type to do holiday things, and then living on my own often wasn’t very conductive to having holiday celebrations. I really enjoy looking at Pinterest photos of the things others are doing, though!

Kate: I’m one of those people who’s really psyched for the Lilly Pulitzer stuff at Target. Like, okay, the clothes wouldn’t flatter me at all – I’m not really the kind of woman who looks good in bright tropical prints and pompom tassel trim – but the pastel patterns are so pretty and lovely! I am really into the home collection, and I think I’ll end up acquiring a couple of scarves or something. Also, there are so many things with pineapples on them, I love it. I love pineapple things. It’s great for a secret Psych tribute.

source: forever21

Kate: And while I’m on the topic of shopping, I want to talk about these gorgeous notebooks Forever21 has; I need them. Like, I’m one of those people who collects notebooks, you know? Like, I’ll use them eventually but to everything there is a season, and for every purpose a notebook under heaven. This is just gorgeous. I want to fill it with poetry.

Although, I am a bit nervous to order from; the last time I did, I ordered a gorgeous faux fur coat (which by the way is the best thing ever, and I’m upset I haven’t had much occasion to wear it) and the box came totally mangled and torn open, as if someone had searched through it somewhere along the way. Clearly, someone in charge of touching things that ship from Forever 21 to where I am touches them the wrong way; I think my box only got to me fine because I’d only ordered one thing! What a relief, too, because I’d totally thought about ordering some jewelry at the same time but ended up not buying it; the holes in the box were so ridiculously massive I think it would have fallen out. So I’ll just dither over whether to order it or not for like, ever.

Steph: Okay, my turn

source: farfarawaysite

Steph: I’m pretty sure this weeks theme for me was Dwarves because, my god, Battle of the Five Armies came out on DVD and I am still not over it. I don’t think I’ll be over it for awhile. At least we’ve got two crossover videos from the guys at Honest Trailers and HISHE, creating more Hobbit memes and Legolas songs. #didyoujustawkwardslideme?

Steph: On Tuesday, I got my dwarf hair bead from the Etsy Shop Dwarvendom. I was nervous about it at first because I thought it might have been too small for my hair type, which is thicker than a dwarf’s pubes really thick. But, I was worry for nothing because it fit my hair perfectly and stayed on for the whole day. No more broken hair ties for this gal!

Last Hobbit related thing, I promise.

I’ve finished (for the third time) what I believe to be my new favorite fic from this fandom, A Home for my Heart. It is a lovely little AU fic where Bilbo is ostracized in The Shire for being an only child and Thorin is a wandering blacksmith. It’s very whimsical in its way and humble, which is the kind of fantasy stories I most enjoy.

Speaking of whimsical fantasies…

Source: farfarawaysite

I saw Cinderella and I have got to say… wow. Such a beautiful and colorful movie, filled with life and love, you can’t help but leave the theater smiling and crying.

On a final note, an ode to the food of the day: Maple Syrup.
Oh Maple Syrup, how long have you- okay enough of that. But everyone should know, maple syrup as a drink sweetener is the greatest thing you will ever do. Have it with tea or coffee, you will not be disappointed. Caffe Bene knows whats up, which is why I recommend their Maple Latte Machiatto.

Kate: And that’s all for this week’s favorites, folks! Come back next friday for what is hopefully another installment of things we really really liked. ♥


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