VIKING THURSDAYS – Helga + DIY Flower Crown

Okay, guys we are hitting the final strech here. The penultimate post before Viking Thursdays is finished and the Season Finale.

And this time, it was a collaborative effort. So get you’re wires and flowers ready because this week is Helga.


Helga is the doting wife of the town kook eccentric, Floki. Where he is manic and unbalanced, Helga is more calm and stable. She keeps Floki grounded and tethered to reality; she is his confidante, his therapist, his lover, and his guardian. She is perfection is Floki’s eyes…

… Which is apparently a problem because in the first episode of season three, he throws a tantrum because she makes him too happy and gets even more upset when she takes it in stride. Seriously what is with this season?


Helga’s Style

You know those pinterest boards of bohemian weddings where the bride is dressed in flowing maxi dresses and the groom look stoned? Or those tiny house in a forest pictures going around tumblr?

That’s it. That’s Helga and Floki. They are walking Pinterest boards with tumblr mentalities. You can drop them in modern times and you’d think they were just fashion bloggers (Well, maybe not Floki. I don’t see Alice Cooper style guy liner making a comeback anytime soon…).

But seriously, look at these two:


Put a filter and crop it just right, you’ve got 2,000 likes on instagram.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that she’s wearing a flower crown… and you’ve probably figured out what the DIY is…


Wire of a relatively thin gauge, but not too thin that it would snap
A lot of flowers
STRONG Wire Clippers. We had to make do with these $3 ones and it was not fun


Step 1:
Measure the circumference of your head. We did this by taking the wire and wrapping it around Kate’s head.
When the wire ends meet, cut the wire leaving a little room for wrapping.


Step 2:
Wrap the two ends of the wire together to make a circle.


Step 3:
Begin de-stemming your flowers. This was a process, not gonna lie… some of the flowers were easy, just plucking them off the stem. But the rest… I am a patient woman, but having to cut through thick wire with flimsy $3 clippers because my stepfather used my good ones to fix his car can test even the most patient of individuals.


God, I can see the carpal tunnel from here… Advice: Invest in a good pair of wire clippers and guard them with your life. Your hands will thank you.

Step 4:
with a new strand of wire, begin wrap the base flowers. In this case we went with these long green leaves.



This was another process, but it was more of the Ow, How did that wire get in there? variety.

When you finish with the first wire, wrap it with a new strand of wire to secure the flowers/leaves


Step 5:
Begin wrapping your accent flowers! For this, Kate and I chose orange, white, and purple flowers


The process is pretty much the same as wrapping the base, taking pieces and wrapping them to the crown.


And you’re done!
Now for the Obligatory Photoshoot:



This is a fun afternoon project to do with your demigod friends and hellhounds, I think the end product was well worth it… even if it did not last that long…


Note to Self: Keep flower crowns away from hellhounds….

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