VIKING THURSDAY – The Princesses + Crown DIY

Ack! We’ve made it! The final episode of the season! Which also means, the final Viking Thursday. For the final post, we’re looking at the Ladies of England and France: Judith, Kwenthrith, and Gisla.

Way to end on a somber note, am I right?


The princesses in vikings all have something in common: determination. Gisla is determined to save her country, Kwenthrith was determined to claim her country, Judith was determined to bone Athelstan. Needless to say they were all victorious, but with those victories show another thing they have in common: consequence. Kwenthrith has to deal with the consequences of having King Ecbert as an ally, Judith must deal with the consequences of her affair with Athelstan, and Gisla has to deal with the consequences of underestimating her enemy.

In a way, the Princesses act as the underlying themes of Vikings, Gisla as morality, Kwenthrith as war, Judith being innocence lost. This may explain why, of all the characters, they have the most tragic stories.

and on that sad sack note, I have a tutorial for you guys.


Now, as a person who spends her afternoons in a Michael’s, I’ve accumulated a lot of random crap over the weeks. For example these filigree pieces. I painted them gold with liquid leaf and picked out some beads I thought would match. I also pick out a good size head band to use as the base of the crown


Using a hot glue gun, I began gluing the flowery pieces together. I bent them first to make sure they would fit around the headband.

2 3 Then, I glued the oval shapes to cover where the flower pieces meet.4

When all the glued filigree pieces dried, I then glue the pieces onto the headband. I was debating between the thick headband and a thin on, but I thought that the big would would have better stability.


After gluing the filigree to the headband, I began to plan out what beads I was going to use. I decided against the small round beads because they weren’t the write gold. After planing, I glued the pieces onto the headband.


and that’s it! now you have a bad ass crown to wear when you’re claiming land or men, or marrying bears.

7 8

Tune in Next… oh right.
Well I hope you enjoyed this series and let me know if you tried any of the DIYs featured, I’d love to see them.

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