The DIY Sunglasses from Hell

Have you ever randomly bought something at three in the morning in a sleep deprived haze?
No? I don’t believe you.
Okay, well, that’s how this mess begins…
Disclaimer: This is not a Tutorial, we have enough of those. This is a learning experience/cautionary tale.

A couple of months back I had gotten a package in the mail. In it was 2 molds and an invoice with the word “CHOCOLAAAAAAATE!!!!” in the customer’s comments section. The molds were of a Bat and a “Norse God.”
Needless to say, I was confused.
I decided to consult my local Norse God in a Russian Bod about this and we both kinda went “Fuck It. DIY or DIE.”
Yeah No. More like DIY and Cry.

My first mistake was consulting Pinterest. Like with most pintertuts, a lot of key elements are lost in translation… Like what glue to use… Or that some glasses don’t work… particularly expensive ones.

Here is what I used:
  • Air Dry Modelling Clay
  • “Norse God” Mold
  • Black Jewels to Bedazzle
  • Hot Glue Gun (Which was not too quickly replaced with E6000 Jewelry and Bead Glue)
  • Cheap Black Sunglasses
  • Not Shown: Black Glossy Paint AKA Nail Polish
  • Also not Shown: My Tears

Step 1

First Thing I did was the mold, which was the easiest part. Now, that’s saying something, because this was my second mistake: Overestimating the Drying Time.
On the packaging, it says that it takes 24 hours for the clay to dry. What it doesn’t say is that it is completely unusable after 10 minutes, something I could have known before I cut out a massive chunk out.
Another thing it forgets to mention: It’s messy. Like enters every wrinkle and pore messy. Gets off of skin pretty easily, but I probably shouldn’t have done this on my bed.
Step 2
The next day, I set to work on the glasses. I got my glue gun, my jewelies, my tweezer, and a set plan on how everything was gonna go. The Idea was to place the jewels around the glasses with the the God pieces on each side.
It’s funny how some days life just decides to fuck with you.
Third Mistake: The Glue Gun.
When I was researching for this, I noticed there are a variety of adhesives you could use for DIY Sunglasses. I saw a couple using a glue gun and thought I just bought a glue gun. Let’s Do This.
A few things I should have thought about before ruining a perfectly good pair of sunglasses:
  1. The glue guns in the tutorials probably cost more than $9.99
  2. The glue in the tutorials probably cost more than 99 cents.
  3. These DIY gurus probably have more than a days worth of glue gun experience.

There was glue string, glitter, and ruined jewels everywhere.

Again, Probably shouldn’t have done this on my bed.
So, after a trip to Michael’s, I replaced the ruined glasses and used E6000. It was all smooth sailing until I got to the middle, where the jewels bunched together. There I used the glue gun, dabbing a little bit in the center and moving like Sonic the Hedgehog to get the jewel in the right place.
[note from Kate: I’m guilty. I’m the one who sent Steph a link to a sunglasses DIY using molds and hot glitter glue gun action. Also I’m a chaos god. All in all, my bad.]
Step 3
Okay, so I lied before. This was the easiest part of the whole thing, but at this point I was just emotionally over it. I was gluing on autopilot, not even caring if I made any mistakes. I painted the clay dudes with black nail polish to match with the glossy everything else.
All in All, They came out nice. But it left me with a few questions:
Will I work with this kind of clay again?
I have no choice. I now have a better understanding on how to use it, so expect a lot of clay based DIYs in the near future.
Will I DIY Sunglasses again?
You know, five minutes ago I would’ve said no. Thinking about it though, I probably would. I now know what works and what doesn’t, I have more glue gun experience, and I know I’m better with wire and chain than clay.
And for those wondering why I didn’t use Polymer Clay: I almost burned the house down. Never Again.

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