Dear Pottermore: You Don’t Understand Us At All.

006pottermorelogoDear Pottermore, we need to talk. You know I love you, right? Sure, you’re slow to load, and the limitations built into your system are a bit extreme and difficult to work around. But, you’re cooky and odd and you remind me of those endless hours I’d spent clicking around JK Rowling’s website, trying to find easter eggs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. That sure was a long time ago, now wasn’t it? Gee, I think that was before the sixth book even thought of coming out! I remember those days, and how upset I was over Sirius’s death, and how much time I spent scouring the internet for even the tiniest scrap of information about Harry Potter. I remember pushing myself harder to learn English well enough to be able to write good fanfiction. Shit… you know what? I think I was like, literally, 12.

I’m not 12 anymore, Pottermore. I’m 23 and ¾. I’ve learned English well enough to write fanfiction. I’ve stopped hoping that the random tapping on the window is an owl. I’m… still in denial about Sirius. And Fred. And Lupin. And Tonks. And the fact that Harry would name his son Albus Severus. Like what the actual hell no just no. But… even after all that… I like you, Pottermore. I like you as you are. You’re the place I go when I want to relive those glory days of being young and having nothing good in my life except those scraps of information about Harry Potter that I scrounged up from the internet.

Except, well…

screenshot-www pottermore com 2015-09-15 02-47-00So, you can imagine, Pottermore, that I’m a little upset that you’ll be changing. Apparently, some old people who don’t really understand you (or us!) looked at your user stats, realized the majority of users were over 20, and thought that CLEARLY what we want from this site is something bland, corporate, and boring.  No more Pottermore-official Sorting Hat. No more games. No more interactive content. Pottermore as we know it is finished, over.

And what we get instead is… that. What the heck is that? It looks like one of those crappy marketing guru portfolios, or those horrid hipster-photographer-on-wordpress layouts that I keep getting spam emails for. I mean, sure, I’m all for new content, but… I’m not sure if the people in charge of Pottermore actually understand why we come to Pottermore.

We come to Pottermore because we want to relive our youth, and the experience of a treasure hunt for Potter info. We come to Pottermore to have fun and connect with new people who love Harry Potter – although that has been made infinitely more difficult by Pottermore’s restrictions on communications. We come to Pottermore because we’re in our early 20s, nothing is going right for most of us, the economy is a train wreck, “real” jobs are hard to find, rent is high, being able to afford health insurance is a pipe dream, and the world around us is infinitely more cold, cruel, bigoted, selfish, and hell-bent on disaster than we ever could have imagined, even in our most dystopian fanfics. Do you really think that what we want from this site is additional reminders that we are now considered “adults” and we can’t have childish things any longer?

I mean, hell, I’m no expert. I’m just someone who’s really annoyed by this development. I’m really annoyed, because whoever is behind these changes… doesn’t understand who it is that they’re making a site for. And I’m really annoyed because over the past few months, Harry Potter has been losing more and more of its magic for me. And this doesn’t help. And if even Harry Potter isn’t magical anymore… then what is?

Dear Pottermore… I love you. But you don’t understand me at all.

I’m gonna go read Drarry now. Bye.

One thought on “Dear Pottermore: You Don’t Understand Us At All.

  1. IT’S LIKE THIS NOW?! And to think I’ve been waiting 3 months with no wifi to finally revisit and continue playing T_T please don’t tell me the exclusive writing by JK Rowling is also gone because I don’t think I could survive that.


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