Fall Fashion: Skye – Agents of SHIELD

Skye Daisy Johnson FashionOkay, we all know I absolutely love Agents of SHIELD, although it was a rough way to get to the love stage at first, you know? Skye started out as being incredibly annoying, but over the past two seasons, she’s become my favorite. Over the next few days, I’ll be doing a series of posts on geek and pop culture inspired fall styles and outfits that you can easily add to your wardrobe rotation. My first post is, of course, based on Skye, cause she’s my bae, you know? I absolutely adore her, and her “I just came from a shopping spree at Urban Outfitters” looks.

fall fashion inspired by agents of shield

Skye Fashion Part 1

1. Let the Stars Guide Your Way – This isn’t important, I just thought it looked cool. Billabong sticker, $4, Tilly’s.

2. black bralette – Skye does a lot of layering, and it’s a great way to wear your bralettes in the fall. Plus, it looks totally sexy under an oversize sweater or sweatshirt, anyway. Element Brigitte Bralette, $39, Buckle.

3. oversize top – Skye wears a lot of gray, and this top looks both cozy and soft. Plus, it’s thin enough to be comfy on warm days, and not so bulky that you can’t layer something else over it in chillier weather. Only Sweater in light grey, $28, Yoox.

4. white floral weekender bag – Skye had this adorable bag in mid season 2 that was all white and florals, and I’m super in love with it (possibly because it’s one of the few things she wore that season that wasn’t black or gray). I haven’t found the exact one, but I did find that one in the collage above, which seems to have disappeared from its original site in between the making of this post and the actual writing of it. (It makes sense if you don’t think about it.) A good alternative is from the same site, Accessorize, here, for $69. Another one, if you’d like something more understated, is this one from Target, for $35

5. ripped skinny jeans – black skinny jeans are a necessary staple of Skye’s wardrobe. The rips are just there to make you feel like you’ve just come out of a massive battle with nothing wounded except your clothes (in strategic places, of course). Pictured: Lara Super Skinny Jeans, $20, BooHoo.com; alternately try Judy Blue black ripped skinny jeans, $44, Hot Topic. (use code SCHOOL at checkout to get 20% off your purchase, you’re an adult now and coupons are part of adulthood, embrace it)

6. ankle boots – they look great with just about anything in the fall, and I personally like wearing ankle boots to active things like Ingress, walks in the park, and running from alien invaders through cornfields. Faux Suede Booties, $10, Ashley Stewart

7. temporary tattoos – okay no these are just here because I thought they look cool… and you know, all Skye-ish. Metallic boho temporary tattoos, $6, Tilly’s.

8. stacking rings – A big part of the whole “Urban Outfitters Chic” look is multiple rings that are both boho and modern; but, since I’m a broke-ass millennial, I’m going with whatever Forever21 has. These are sparkly enough to look good for a while, and will help make your existing wardrobe items feel fresher – if you don’t believe me, just try it for yourself. A few new rings, worn all at once, will make you feel like a divine goddess of the fall. Since Forever21 rings are dirt cheap and fit the style, they’re great to experiment with. Cutout Rings Set, $7, Forever21

9. handmade-look bracelets – Skye wears a lot of bracelets that look kinda handmade. These fit the bill, without you having to try and actually make the darn things yourself. Boho glam friendship bracelet set, $10, Wet Seal.

10. black nail polish – fall is all about short black nails that make a great contrast with your pumpkin spice latte and your big stack of super-duper-classified documents. Make it easy for yourself and go for the blackest black polish. butter LONDON nail lacquer in Union Jack Black, $15.

11. scented balm – great for moisturizing on the go, feeling all natural and fresh, and for looking cute in that floral weekender bag of yours. All Over Balm in lychee and vanilla butter with argan oil, $6.50, NYX Cosmetics.

12. easy neutral makeup – Skye has this kinda natural thing going on, where it’s like you KNOW she’s wearing makeup, but it’s kinda done all natural and neutral looking and stuff. To copy the look, grab a palette of nudes and do an easy, fresh look. Love in Paris eyeshadow palette in Madeleines and Macaroons, $5, NYX Cosmetics.

skye daisy johnson quake agents of shield marvel fall fashion geek style post

1. pink dress – this is kind of the easy part, really, since hot pink skater dresses are plentiful right now. Pair it with tights and a cardigan for chillier weather. Pink jersey dress, $20, H&M

2. clutch – the best way to make a kind of casual dress look more dressy and fancy is to add fancy heels and an ultra-modern clutch bag. Pastel clutch bag in teal, $20, SimplyBe

3 & 4. enamel ring – Skye sports a white enamel statement ring on her right hand. These two are adorable. Ariella Collection enamel band in white, $14, Nordstrom Rack; Kendra Scott yellow gold Paige ring in white, $35, Gilt.com

5. high heels – those are the fancy heels we were talking about earlier. match the color of your heels to the color of your bag. boom, easy. Cina Menthol Nu Pu Qupid, $54, Heels.com

6. makeup palette – pale golds and nudes are the best for doing easy and natural-looking makeup for kinda dressy things. What dressy things? Oh, I don’t know, super secret ops, homecoming, your cousin’s fall wedding in a barn upstate somewhere, something like that. Lorac Unzipped gold palette, $42, Beauty.com

7. nude polish – if you look really, really closely, you’ll notice that Skye had her nails done in a very pale nude shade in this scene. So we picked one. Essie Neutrals polish in Wrap me Up, $8, Beauty.com

8. earrings – Can’t really tell if Skye was wearing earrings in that scene, but these are acceptably glam, and, oh, you know, it’s pretty much impossible to style a Skye post without being all like, LETS PUT FLOWERS IN THERE LOLZ. Sparkle in the Sunlight earrings, $9, ModCloth

9. gold bar necklace – really ties the outfit together, and kinda hard to mess up. Engraved vertical bar necklace in gold, $32, Edor



So yeah, there you have it; Skye’s wardrobe is at your command! Do you have some favorite Skye-esque pieces you’re totally into? Styled something similar to this outfit? Sweet, leave a comment below, or hit us up on some form of social media.

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