Fortune Cookie Soap: A Really Long Retrospective

I’d like to think I make good decisions. I got the ‘Everyone Lives’ ending in Until Dawn on the first try, so my instincts are pretty good in the life choices department.

Then 3:00 AM comes along and I wake up to a paypal reciept in the inbox and a package in the mail a few days later. I think may I have a sleep-shopping problem.

A frequent flyer in my sleep-induced impulse buying is Fortune Cookie Soap, a company you may have heard of if you following any beauty guru. They create unique bath + body products and have a seasonal subscription box, as well as collections throughout the year. Now, I’ve never ordered a soap box and I’ll get to why in a minute, but before I do, Disclaimer: This is not really a review, since most of the stuff I will be talking about is discontinued. This will be more of a retrospective of what I’ve bought from them.

Also, This post long as fuck.

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Conventional Festivities : Special Edition NYC and the Arts & Crafts Fair at City Island

The first weekend of June was rather busy for me. It was Special Edition: NYC, which was my first con since 2009, as well as the Arts & Crafts festival in the Bronx.

Saturday: Special Edition NYC


Now, I know next to nothing about the superhero genre. I was always more of a dark fantasy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen kind of kid. I can’t tell you anything about the DC Multiverse or that Marvel Historical AU (Go to Ren for that). However, when I walked into the Pier 94 convention center, the first thing I noticed was a Furiousa Cosplayer at the WTNV stand.

Apparently, being an expert in all things superhero comics was not a requirement to enjoy this convention.

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Fandom Fashion: Film Noir


2013 was the year of Jay Gatsby and Art Deco.
2014 brought us Coven Wear.

Cinema and Pop Culture have a lot to offer in the fashion world. When fans see characters they feel they can connect with, they will try to emulate them. I remember when BBC’s Sherlock first came out, I began wearing dark blue scarves and black pea coats. I also treated everyone like shit, but that’s for another post. The point is, when something is popular in pop culture, a fashion trend is probably going to follow. And It is looking more and more like Film Noir is that trend.

So, break out those statement hats and slather on that red lipsticks, because the era of spies and intrigue is back with a vengeance.

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