Fortune Cookie Soap: A Really Long Retrospective

I’d like to think I make good decisions. I got the ‘Everyone Lives’ ending in Until Dawn on the first try, so my instincts are pretty good in the life choices department.

Then 3:00 AM comes along and I wake up to a paypal reciept in the inbox and a package in the mail a few days later. I think may I have a sleep-shopping problem.

A frequent flyer in my sleep-induced impulse buying is Fortune Cookie Soap, a company you may have heard of if you following any beauty guru. They create unique bath + body products and have a seasonal subscription box, as well as collections throughout the year. Now, I’ve never ordered a soap box and I’ll get to why in a minute, but before I do, Disclaimer: This is not really a review, since most of the stuff I will be talking about is discontinued. This will be more of a retrospective of what I’ve bought from them.

Also, This post long as fuck.

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Review: Kawaii Nail Lacquer Avengers Polishes

kawaii nail laquer review
As anyone who ended up here from 3 Chic Geeks knows, I entirely too much money and effort into my nails. I follow manicure Insta accounts, have a nails pinboard, and spend my time hunting for the perfect Slytherin green polish. So, when I noticed that Kawaii Nail Lacquers
a. had a line of Avengers nail polishes
b. were having a halloween sale right around the time I got paid
Well. Let’s just say, shopping happened. I’d been meaning to try some of the fandom polishes that nebulously float across Etsy for a while now, and this seemed like a good place to start. In the past, I’ve mainly stuck with store-bought polish, so this was an interesting experiment for me.
I ended up buying three different shades. The first, Aren’t the Stars and Stripes a Little Old-Fashioned, is a Captain America glitter polish in red, white, and blue. I picked it because I recently started RPing as Captain America in my friend Loki’s RP group, and it’s pretty great. The second, Genius Billionaire Playboy Philantropist, is an orange and red glitter polish, with some huge round holo flakes. I picked it because, duh, Iron Man. And, finally, the third shade is You and I Remember Budapest Very Differently, which, obviously, is a Clintasha-inspired black and red sparkly glitter.

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