Comforting Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup (for your feels)

comforting red lentil and sweet potato soup

Okay, so, it’s fall again. Which means…. pumpkin spice everything! And all your favorite shows are back! And they’re all hurting you! A lot! You’re in extreme pain! So much pain and suffering, and so many feels… oh, and it’s cold outside. Well, this soup is pretty awesome for when you’re sad, sick, cold, emotionally destroyed, or just really hungry. It’s super easy to make, and pretty cheap too – lentils are ridiculously cheap, are easy to cook, and can be kept for a long time (stick them in the freezer before you use them, and make sure you wash them and check for rocks or other crap before using). Also it’s really pretty and all red/orange, so it’ll look super nice on the dinner table.

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Conventional Festivities : Special Edition NYC and the Arts & Crafts Fair at City Island

The first weekend of June was rather busy for me. It was Special Edition: NYC, which was my first con since 2009, as well as the Arts & Crafts festival in the Bronx.

Saturday: Special Edition NYC


Now, I know next to nothing about the superhero genre. I was always more of a dark fantasy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen kind of kid. I can’t tell you anything about the DC Multiverse or that Marvel Historical AU (Go to Ren for that). However, when I walked into the Pier 94 convention center, the first thing I noticed was a Furiousa Cosplayer at the WTNV stand.

Apparently, being an expert in all things superhero comics was not a requirement to enjoy this convention.

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