The DIY Sunglasses from Hell

Have you ever randomly bought something at three in the morning in a sleep deprived haze?
No? I don’t believe you.
Okay, well, that’s how this mess begins…
Disclaimer: This is not a Tutorial, we have enough of those. This is a learning experience/cautionary tale.

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VIKING THURSDAY – The Princesses + Crown DIY

Ack! We’ve made it! The final episode of the season! Which also means, the final Viking Thursday. For the final post, we’re looking at the Ladies of England and France: Judith, Kwenthrith, and Gisla.

Way to end on a somber note, am I right?


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Friday Favorites #1: stuff we found this week that’s pretty great

geek lifestyle friday favorites listOkay, so, for ages back at 3ChicGeeks, I’ve wanted to do a Friday Favorites thing. Partly because we had struggled with having a 3-days-a-week posting schedule that actually, you know, got posted, and partly because I like sharing things I like with people who aren’t necessarily my Facebook friends list, my guild, my alliance, or my favorite subreddit. Plenty of other blogs do it too; I’m especially into how Everyday Is A Holiday does theirs – pretty things that fit their aesthetic and lifestyle. Our aesthetic is divine hipster geek trash and we are here to share things that fit the divine hipster geek trash lifestyle and aesthetic. What things is that? Continue reading, find out, probably regret everything…

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