Fortune Cookie Soap: A Really Long Retrospective

I’d like to think I make good decisions. I got the ‘Everyone Lives’ ending in Until Dawn on the first try, so my instincts are pretty good in the life choices department.

Then 3:00 AM comes along and I wake up to a paypal reciept in the inbox and a package in the mail a few days later. I think may I have a sleep-shopping problem.

A frequent flyer in my sleep-induced impulse buying is Fortune Cookie Soap, a company you may have heard of if you following any beauty guru. They create unique bath + body products and have a seasonal subscription box, as well as collections throughout the year. Now, I’ve never ordered a soap box and I’ll get to why in a minute, but before I do, Disclaimer: This is not really a review, since most of the stuff I will be talking about is discontinued. This will be more of a retrospective of what I’ve bought from them.

Also, This post long as fuck.

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